Emergency Shelter Life Cube Makes Waves on Invention USA

Emergency Shelter Life Cube Makes Waves on Invention USA

A couple days ago I got the chance to interview my good friend Nick Pedersen, one of the founders of Life Cube Inc. Life Cube is an amazing emergency shelter that has the ability to change the way we respond to the world’s most devastating disasters. Nick dropped out of UCSB to pursue his dream, and will be on the History Channel’s Invention USA this coming Friday (12/16/11)!

Nick wrote Silicon Beach TV a guest post summarizing his adventures with Life Cube. I also did a video interview with Nick at Life Cube’s headquarters in Santa Barbra, Ca…

Name: Nick Pedersen
Title: Co-Founder, Business Development Manager
Company: Life Cube, Inc.

Life Cube and I have a very unique relationship. Nothing in my life has been tougher, I work long hours on short wages, and my social life tends to take a back seat to my business. The funny thing is, I can’t see myself doing anything else.

When I came down to Santa Barbara to go to the University, I enrolled as a Philosophy Major because I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. However, I learned very quickly that I had no interest in a professional degree. What I did have, was the ability to see beyond a problem and work through the underlying issues.

This led to a fascination with entrepreneurship which led to an internship which led to a full-time workload here at Life Cube. I discovered the Technology Management Program my Junior year and since then, all bets were off. I stopped taking GE’s and Major requirements, opting instead for “Entrepreneurial Marketing,” “Finance,” and “Business in a Global Environment,” among others.

After winning the competition and finishing my Senior year (sans degree), I decided it would be best to leave school and pursue Life Cube. It was tough times for about a year but 2011 has proven to be a turning point. I’ve been able to raise more than $350,000 in seed capital to begin production and market our products at trade shows in Europe, Canada, and all over the United States.

The US Military has indicated a desire to procure product and we were able to get a unit on the ground within 72 hours after the Joplin tornado. I’ve learned more than I ever thought I could and every day brings new rewards to our door.

Entrepreneurship is quite often terrifying. You never know what the next day, week or month will bring and you’re always walking the tightrope without a safety yet.

Still, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

-Nick Pedersen

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=201303434 Jason Dorfman

    Big thanks to Nick Pedersen for writing a post and letting us do an interview. Life Cube is a great product and the world will see that on Friday!

  • http://www.facebook.com/njpedersen Nick Pedersen

    Big thanks to Jason Dorfman for giving me the platform! It was a lot of fun, thanks for the help spreading the word.

  • http://nvrmndclothing.com/ Mark Edwards

    As a UCSB Philosophy and TMP student this article gives me hope for ‘the real world’. Nice site too; I plan on tuning in more in the future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/njpedersen Nick Pedersen

    Glad you liked it, Mark. However, I do recommend getting that Phil degree now that UCSB is the 7th Best University in the world: http://www.ia.ucsb.edu/pa/display.aspx?pkey=2611

    Best of luck on your clothing venture. Have you taken Entrepreneurial Marketing by Guy Gabrielle? Wonderful class if you want to learn about branding.

  • Ashley Vogel

    Saw your product on the history channel tonight and I think its great. I can only imagine the many uses and people this could help. I think how much it could help people in need. We had some horrific fires in Texas this year and i only hope if fires like this happen again people will have the ability to seek out life cube. I am also a military spouse and I am so glad you are working with them to find military applications for your product. Cant wait to see where you all go with this and I will keep watching.

  • M Mendez

    I just seen your product on the history channel. It is amazing product and I agree this will bring help and resources to save so many lives. AWESOME JOB

  • http://www.facebook.com/njpedersen Nick Pedersen

    Thank you, Ashley. We actually made some crucial developments to the product during the string of wildfires we had out here in Santa Barbara (fire-resistant fabric, high wind stabilizers, etc.)

    It’s been a tough road but we’re starting to get some real recognition, thank you for your support!

  • http://www.facebook.com/njpedersen Nick Pedersen

    We appreciate the support! Please help spread the word!

  • Jason Dorfman


    Great to hear! I was a UCSB Philosophy/TMP guy as well. It might just be the most potent mix of majors known to man ;-) .

  • Ralph Quintana

    I think most Ideas come from life experiences. You saw a disaster and thought how can I help those individuals get through it. I was around during the Northridge earth quake and was able to talk to some of the people close to ground zero. They shared with me the terror of going through it. During our conversation I thought od how I could relieve some of the problems they encountered. With gas leaking through the house and trapped in their rooms(the doors jamed) in the dark, childern screaming, a light went off in my head.

    Before people can get to there life cubes, they have to make it out of there homes safely. My invention will do that. So I’m working hard to get it in there homes.

    I admire the work your doing. Keep up the good work. In a better encomony I ‘d would by one. I will however recommend the life Cube to my friends and family.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=546817447 Marisol F Marquez

    What happened after the show, did you make the changes recommend by the show? Please let us know how things are going. Fantastic idea.